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HIGH NOTE :: Among untouchables

PR dla Zagranicy
Elżbieta Krajewska 01.07.2019 21:07
  • HIGH NOTE 19 07 01 PARIA.mp3
Graham Vick directs Stanisław Moniuszko's "Paria" in Poznań

Taken out of the opera house and into a sports arena, the production brings the opera into times nearer our own, puts the audience among the characters, and adds a host of contemporary outcasts, some of them caged in glass.

Neala is a Brahmin priestess in love with Idamor, who conceals that he is a pariah. She is sung by Monika Mych-Nowicka. Mikołaj Zalasiński is Jares, Idamor's father, whose appearance precipitates tragedy. Presented by Elżbieta Krajewska.

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